Yoga for Asthma

Asthma is a lungs respiratory disorder. It is a condition which causes difficulty in breathing due to the narrowing of the respiratory tracts. It is a very common disease in all age groups although needs to be treated as early as possible to avoid further hindrances.

There are many reasons for asthma like allergies, dust, exertions, climatic changes, common cold etc. Some are caused genetically.

Yoga works on almost all the ailments. Yoga treatment for asthma improves breathing techniques and relaxes mind. Asthma attack is relatively dangerous, it occurs due to deficiency of oxygen and constant coughing. Yoga for asthma reduces the intensity of asthma attacks.

Yoga treatment for asthma improves to build up resistance power and facilitates the lungs to get back to normal functioning further enhancing the air flow reducing asthma attacks.

Following are some yoga for asthma and breathing technique exercises:

  • Pranayama: It is one of the most effective yoga treatment for asthma. It is widely practiced because of its phenomenal results. It is a very powerful breathing exercises which improves breathing and stimulates the lungs airflow. Regular practice improves the resistance power and removes the blockage.
  • Kapalbhati: This breathing technique is one of the best means of yoga for asthma. In this method incessant breathing in short succession is required which gives exercises respiratory system
  • Anuloma viloma breathing technique: This means alternate nostril breathing technique. It includes inhaling through one nostril and exhaling from another. Withholding the breath in between helps breathe easier.
  • Corpse pose: This pose helps in relaxation of both mind and body. It lessens the pressure of the body and gives a relaxing feel.
  • Eating out ? Switchover to sandwiches, salads, chili and vegetable soups over main course meals. You will feel light and healthy moreover they will not cause heartburn as well.
  • Nispandabhava: Tension and exertion are also the reasons for asthma. This yoga for asthma encourages to be optimistic and cheerful.
  • Jalaneti: Asthmatic gets easily infected by the surroundings especially through nose. There is one method where one can clean the nasal passage and clear the airflow properly, the method is jalaneti.

Some poses of yoga for asthma:

  • Shoulder lifts: Stress is also one of the reason for asthma. This pose is a kind of warming up pose to release stress and tension. Practising this adds to the flexibility in the body releasing strain and tension curing asthma.
  • Surya Namaskar: Performing surya namakar assits reducing the threats of asthma attacks. In this asana one has to breathe in series of order making respiratory system strong to fight back the infections causing asthma
  • Pavana Muktasana: The name itself signify the benefits. Pavna means wind or air and mukta means free. Sometimes due to lack of breathing, carbondioxide is not released from the body which leads to toxins resulting indigestion. This pose helps on the digestive system releasing gases from the body.

There are some home remedies for asthma too:

  • Inhaling steam twice in a day is very beneficial, this will clean the air ways
  • Kapalbhati: This breathing technique is one of the best means of yoga for asthma. In this method incessant breathing in short succession is required which gives exercises respiratory system
  • Drinking warm milk with turmeric powder before sleeping is too very effective.
  • Chewing few holy tulsi leaves i.e. basil leaves in the early morning.
  • Asthmatic patient try to drink warm water everyday. This helps to keep infections away.
  • Intake few basil leaves with honey
  • Intake few basil leaves with rock salt.
  • Drinking of fresh lime juice with one table spoon of ginger juice in it is very beneficial for asthmatic person.
  • Another home remedy for asthma that can be effective is eating dry figs in the morning

Thus these are some yoga treatment for asthma and home remedies for asthma that beyond doubt will prove effective for asthmatic patients.