Yoga Diet for weight loss

Yoga is the ideal for attaining weight loss. Being practiced since time immemorial, Yoga is proven to be a time tested and tried method for attaining weight loss. Apart from Yoga asanas, following a particular yoga diet for weight loss, one can be surely attain the desired weight in the right manner.

Yoga diets do involve a lot of raw vegetable and fruits. At the same time, you need to greatly cut down your intake of refined processed foods especially at meal times. Also staying away from fast and non vegetarian food does wonders in accelerating your weight loss process. Caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, cocoa and cola have to be avoided at all costs. Yoga Diet emphasizes on consuming vegetarian food because it is easy to digest over a non vegetarian diet which could easily take more than 5 hours to digest.

A few handy tips for following yoga diet for weight loss

  • Always keep a ready stock of fruits and vegetable for you to munch on whenever hungry.
  • Try switching over to protein rich beans or pulses such as kidney beans or chick peas and they contain zero fat. You could use them in salads or soups.
  • Whole grains such as wheat, barley and millet equally contain a good amount of protein
  • Well, you need not need a spoon or a measuring cup at all times, you could always check out using your hand. For a tablespoon serving, the tip of the thumb can be used. Check out the size of fruit with your fist which could be considered as medium size. The palm of your hand, less the fingers could be a single serving of protein while for a teaspoon measure the tip of the last finger could be just right.
  • Eating out ? Switchover to sandwiches, salads, chili and vegetable soups over main course meals. You will feel light and healthy moreover they will not cause heartburn as well.
  • Try making dishes which involve processes such as grilling, broiled or simply roasted or sautéed in minimal oil. Always try to ensure that the original flavours of the ingredients are retained.
  • Generally yoga is done in the early morning. Anyway people should generally avoid eating 2 – 3 hours before a yoga session. For those who wish to have a light snack could try out small servings of fruits – a banana, a pear or an apple could suffice. Even a few whole grain crackers or a slice of bread could just suffice.
  • It is important to avoid heavy proteins and fats before a yoga session as they are heavy to digest but you could take in carbohydrates in small quantities as they give the body much needed energy and are quick to digest as well.