Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga - An exercise in which you move your body into various positions in order to become more fit or flexible, to improve your breathing and to relax your mind.

Pregnancy is not just a baby within her but is a development and nourishment of a new life in her body. If we blend yoga and pregnancy it would be a beautiful experience.

In the light of various remedies evolved through yoga many wannabe moms are recommended yoga for pregnancy by their physicians as a means to a safe and healthy birth.

Pregnancy yoga - Prenatal yoga recommeded in first trimester, second trimester and third trimester. However, we suggest that a prior discussion with the relevant medical practitioner is required to enjoy the benefits of yoga while pregnant. For the beginners there are many ways to learn yoga. There are many books, CDs and websites. We have the option of joining special pregnancy yoga classes under supervision of yoga trainer. For the best results you can attend classes and practice

Yoga in Early Pregnancy

Other than yoga, most simple exercises in early pregnancy include walking and swimming.

Yoga during pregnancy consists of:

  • Yoga exercises or Asanas : Regular practice of asanas boosts the confidence of a woman. It improves the circulation of blood, results in gaining energy which is necessary for the development for the child’s growth

Asanas during pregnancy give phenomenal benefits for those who prefer natural child birth. Some yoga poses during pregnancy include:

  • Titali Asana : This asana improves the flexibility in hips and inner thighs, to give an easier labor and strengthens the legs and lower spine, which very beneficial for easy child delivery.
  • Utthanasan : This helps open up the pelvic area, to give an easier labor. Promotes flexibility of vaginal muscles.
  • Marjari Asanas : This asana is also called cat posture. It helps in energizing the abdominal muscles. It tones up reproductive system, this helps to make mom and child comfortable.
  • Janu sirsasan : This allows maintain the energy flow which provides support to lower back.
  • Virabhadrasana (warrior posture) : This asana strengthens and provides energy to thigh and back muscles which is very important while carrying and delivery a baby.
  • Baddhakonasana (bound - angle or cobbler pose) : Practicing this asana results to flexibility in areas like thigh, hips, pelvic floor, pelvis, joints and knees. This helps in easy child delivery.
  • Navasana - Boat Pose (Modified) : It increases the strength in midsection and prevents back pain.

Practicing these postures during pregnancy help keeping the pelvic, anal and vaginal muscles strong and healthy. Further, muscles which are stretched during child birth, quickly return to normal avoiding postnatal problems.

Pranayama is a breathing technique. Inhaling and exhaling, regulating and controlling breathing process produces optimum oxygen which is essential for mother and child for proper functioning of body.

  • Meditation : It is a therapy which helps to have control over the mind and body. Regular practice gives a feeling of mind relaxation. It removes negative thoughts, fear and builds up confidence.
  • Yoga Nidra : Nidra means sleep; woman should have proper sleep for physical and mental relaxation. It enhances the physical and mental development of the baby.

So perform these easy yoga pregnancy exercises for smooth and delightful pregnancy under proper supervision. One more thing – A wannabe mom should be cheerful and happy. Essentially, she should have positive thoughts in her mind.

Post pregnancy fitness yoga can be started about six weeks after the birth. Just as a word of caution we need to check with doctor’s recommendations. Gentle yoga exercises work on reducing stress, pain and improve the overall posture. Basic exercises pelvic tilts or warriors are best to start for a newbie.

Hence, to get exceptional results of yoga asanas during pregnancy and post pregnancy, do practice regularly.

Bottom line is: - Having a baby? Think yoga!