Power Yoga

What is Office Yoga

Power Yoga as the name suggests infuses in a sense of power within your body and mind to handle stressful activities. Undoubtedly Power Yoga emphasizes strength and stamina over meditation. It comes as no surprise that Power Yoga is widely practiced amongst sportspeople and athletes. Ashtanga Yoga or Power Yoga thus works upon the body generating a lot of heat and sweat. It is through this heat and sweat that the body detoxifies itself resulting in better circulation, fresh mind and energetic body.

The best way to learn Power Yoga is by enrolling oneself into a power yoga class. Well, a well trained and experienced teacher would be in a better position to design your yoga schedule as per your daily activities and lifestyle. That could be the best manner for maximizing your time and efforts spent in learning power yoga.

For an enthusiastic person in you, who loves experimenting by him or herself could always pick up a DVD or book on Power Yoga and check out the exercises themselves. With a large number of instructional pictures and audio video clippings learning Power Yoga should not be a problem. Once you learn Power Yoga, you must make it a habit to keep on practicing it regularly for enjoying its effects on the overall. In the long run, you are definitely going to bask in immense benefits of Power Yoga that missing out on your daily work out would be almost next to impossible.

In one sense Power Yoga does mean a fusion of East and West where functionality and flexibility take precedence over meditation. Surya namaskar is incorporated in Power Yoga as it involves specific breathing patterns.

On the overall, there a large number of benefits of practicing Power Yoga

  • Extremely useful in increasing the concentration capacity of young students
  • Helps to reduce stress and induces a relaxed feeling within the body
  • Increases your inner strength as it effectively works upon your back and stomach muscles
  • As the Basal Metabolic rate increases, calorie burning process accelerates thereby reducing body’s fat percentage.

Ideally, Power Yoga should be practiced in 45 minutes sessions thrice a week.