Postpartum Yoga

Child birth is truely an ultimate dream and wonderful act performed by a woman. At the same time it confers a lot of stress and strain on the body of mother. Mood swings, hormones disorders, depressions, joints and bones pains, excessive weight are the problems occurred after post natal pregnancy. However, to get rid of all these problems, we need to act fast to bring back the normal life and body in a shape. Hence, the solution is post pregnancy yoga or post partum yoga. Yoga after pregnancy reduces stress, pain and improves posture.

Post pregnancy yoga can be started in about six weeks after the birth. Just as a word of caution we need to check with doctor’s recommendations with regards to the appropriate time for postpartum yoga. Yoga after giving birth or yoga for weight loss is recommended by all the doctors as it is the only gentle way of exercise without excessive stress. In the event of a C-section, it is fine to wait a bit longer before you resume postpartum yoga.

Yoga after pregnancy can be very beneficial for the mother and a baby. There are poses to enhance bonding and stimulate the baby.

Let’s understand some benefits of post pregnancy yoga poses:

  • Kegel Exercises : During delivery, due to constant labor pains and pushes the pelvic floor weakens, this exercise helps strengthen the pelvic floor.
  • Virabhadrasana II (warrior II pose) : This is a standing pose which enhances stamina. improves balance and relieve backaches
  • Pelvic Rocking : This helps in strengthening of the abdomen as during pregnancy the abdominal muscles are weakened. But before starting this pose, consult your doctor.
  • Viparita Karani : Once a child is delivered, the routine changes, sleepless nights etc. This leads to fatigue; to overcome this problem this pose is recommended.
  • Spread leg forward fold (Upavista Konsana) : This yoga after pregnancy works primarily on energizing the body and advancing inner calmness.
  • Plough pose (Halasana) : In this yoga pose, your spine is stretched, resulting in improvement of spine flexibility. Even it is beneficial to thyroid gland, abdomen, reduces stress in the shoulders and back.
  • Corpse Pose : This pose gives total relaxation.

Thus yoga after pregnancy encourages deeper breaths, releases stress and increases energy, increases ability to reduce sadness and depressions.

There are some post pregnancy yoga tips:

  • For instant results never overdo the practices.
  • After delivery, stomach has stretch marks, yoga bring your stomach and shrink the skin.
  • Practice some back exercises to strengthen the back.
  • Practice yoga regularly for higher results but do not stretch and twist a lot, as it is harmful for new mother.
  • There are some poses to be done together by the mom and a baby, do practice it to enhance a bond between them.